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  • Cosmic bride set

    Cosmic bride is a festive explosion of Indian flora, herbaceous leaves and stems. This magical concoction is sure to teleport you into another dimension in space due to its…

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  • Femineity set

    Femineity is a clean, soft, out of the shower kind of scent with a beautiful, powdery finish. It combines lavender and honeysuckle as its key notes. It screams class,…

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  • Intoxify set

    Intoxify is a rich, warm and deep scent, featuring notes of wood, eucalyptus, pine, amber, tobacco leaf, citrus leaf, and leather. Irresistible beyond the shadow of a doubt, Intoxify…

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  • Lucid dream set

    Lucid dream features notes from the white floral family, making the perfume smell narcotic and sensual. It is for that mysterious mastermind whose next move no one can figure…

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  • Rose altar set

    Rose altar is not your typical rose scent. It is an authentic, distinguished blend of several different varieties of roses, with a touch of oud and patchouli to it….

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  • Solar power set

    If you are a fan of gourmand scents, this one’s for you. Think viscous honey combined with floral nectar combined with fruit sugar. There is nothing not sweet in here. The…

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  • Testers (set of 6)

    8-10 ml each

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